Michele Carafa

Michele Enrico Francesco Vincenzo Aloisio Paolo Carafa di Colobrano[1] (17 November 1787 26 July 1872) was an Italian opera composer. He was born in Naples and studied in Paris with Luigi Cherubini. He was Professor of counterpoint at the Paris Conservatoire from 1840 to 1858. One of his notable pupils was Achille Peri.

Selected operas

Stanford University's list of Carafa's operas shows that he wrote 29, which were performed between 1816 and 1847.[2]

  • Gabriella di Vergy (1816)
  • Berenice in Siria (1818)
  • Elisabetta in Derbyshire ossia Il castello di Fotheringhay (Elizabeth [1st] in Derbyshire, or Fotheringay Castle), (December 1818). Based on Friedrich Schiller's play (1802)[3]
  • I due Figaro (1820)
  • Jeanne d'Arc à Orléans (1821)
  • Le solitaire (1822)
  • Le valet de chambre (1823)
  • Il sonnambulo (1824)
  • La belle au bois dormant (Sleeping Beauty) (1825)
  • Masaniello (1828)
  • Le nozze di Lammermoor (1829)
  • La prison d'Édimbourg (1833)



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