Michel Strogoff (1926 film)

Michel Strogoff is a 1926 French silent historical adventure film directed by Viktor Tourjansky and starring Ivan Mozzhukhin, Nathalie Kovanko and Acho Chakatouny.[1] It is an adaptation of Jules Verne's 1876 novel Michael Strogoff.

Michel Strogoff
Directed byViktor Tourjansky
Produced byNoë Bloch
Gregor Rabinovitch
Written byJules Verne (novel)
Boris de Fast
Viktor Tourjansky
Ivan Mozzhukhin
StarringIvan Mozzhukhin
Nathalie Kovanko
Acho Chakatouny
Music byWerner R. Heymann
CinematographyFédote Bourgasoff
Léonce-Henri Burel
Nikolai Toporkoff
Société Générale des Cinématographes Éclipse
Distributed byCiné-Location-Eclipse
Release date
30 June 1926
French intertitles


A number of filmmakers involved were exiles from the Russian Revolution of 1917. The film's art direction was by Eduardo Gosch, César Lacca, Alexandre Lochakoff, Vladimir Meingard and Pierre Schild who recreated the atmosphere of the mid-nineteenth century Russian Empire.



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