Michel Duran

Michel Duran, pen name of Michel Joseph Durand, (22 April 1900 in Lyon - 18 February 1994 in Rambouillet) was a French actor, author, dialoguist and screenwriter. He was the son of Michel Jacques Durand and Marie Exbrayat.[1]

Michel Duran
Michel Joseph Durand

22 April 1900
Died18 February 1994(1994-02-18) (aged 93)

On 14 June 1940 he married Marie Thérèse Henriette Théodora Besnard, granddaughter of the painter Albert Besnard but they hd no child.


  • 1964: Pierrots des alouettes, televised musical comedy by Henri Spade (screenwriter)
  • 1968: Au théâtre ce soir : Boléro, mise-en-scène Alfred Pasquali, directed by Pierre Sabbagh, Théâtre Marigny
  • 1969: Au théâtre ce soir : La mariée est trop belle by Michel Duran, mise-en-scène Jacques Mauclair, directed by Pierre Sabbagh, Théâtre Marigny
  • 1972: Au théâtre ce soir : Faites-moi confiance, mise-en-scène Alfred Pasquali] directed by Pierre Sabbagh, Théâtre Marigny
  • 1977: Au théâtre ce soir : Bonne Chance Denis, mise-en-scène Claude Nicot, directed by Pierre Sabbagh, Théâtre Marigny






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