Michael Moynihan (Kerry politician)

Michael Moynihan (17 June 1917 – 27 June 2001) was an Irish Labour Party politician who served in the Oireachtas as a Senator and as a TD for Kerry South.[1]

From Killarney and a psychiatric nurse by profession, Moynihan was elected in 1973 to the 13th Seanad by the Industrial and Commercial Panel, which re-elected him in 1977 to the 14th Seanad.

He was elected to the 22nd Dáil at the 1981 general election, becoming the first ever Labour TD for Kerry South, and returned to the 23rd Dáil at the February 1982 general election.[2] He was re-elected at the November 1982 general election, sitting in the 24th Dáil. He served as Minister of State at the Department of Trade, Commerce and Tourism from 1982 to 1987.

Moynihan was defeated at the 1987 general election, but returned at the 1989 general election to sit in the 26th Dáil. He did not stand at the 1992 general election, when his seat was retained for the Labour Party by his daughter Breeda Moynihan-Cronin.

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