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Michael David Fortescue (born 8 August 1946) is a British-born[1] linguist specializing in Arctic and native North American languages, including Kalaallisut, Inuktun, Chukchi and Nitinaht. He gained his PhD in Linguistics[2] from the University of Edinburgh in 1978.

Michael David Fortescue
Born (1946-08-08) 8 August 1946

Fortescue is known for his reconstructions of the Eskimo-Aleut, Chukotko-Kamchatkan, Nivkh, and Wakashan proto-languages.


He was educated at Abingdon School.[3]


He is professor emeritus of General Linguistics at the University of Copenhagen and chairman of the Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen. His Comparative Eskimo Dictionary, co-authored with Steven Jacobson and Lawrence Kaplan, is the standard work in its area, as is his Comparative Chukotko-Kamchatkan Dictionary. In his book Whiteheadian Linguistics, Fortescue explores the possibilities of a linguistic theory based on the philosophical theories of Alfred North Whitehead.[4][5][6]

Selected works by Michael Fortescue

  • 1984. Some Problems Concerning the Correlation and Reconstruction of Eskimo and Aleut Mood Markers. Institut for Eskimologi, Københavns Universitet.
  • 1990. From the Writings of the Greenlanders: Kalaallit Atuakklaannit. University of Alaska Press.
  • 1991. Inuktun: An Introduction to the Language of Qaanaaq, Thule. Institut for eskimologis skriftrække, Københavns Universitet.
  • 1992. Editor. Layered Structure and Reference in a Functional Perspective. John Benjamins Publishing Co.
  • 1994. With Steven Jacobson and Lawrence Kaplan. Comparative Eskimo Dictionary with Aleut Cognates. Alaska Native Language Center.
  • 1998. Language Relations across Bering Strait: Reappraising the Archaeological and Linguistic Evidence. London and New York: Cassell.
  • 2001. Pattern and Process: A Whiteheadian Perspective on Linguistics. John Benjamins Publishing Co.
  • 2002. The Domain of Language. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press.
  • 2005. Comparative Chukotko-Kamchatkan Dictionary. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.
  • 2007. Comparative Wakashan Dictionary. Munich: LINCOM Europa.
  • 2016. Comparative Nivkh Dictionary. Munich: LINCOM Europa.


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