Michael Condon Memorial Award

The Michael Condon Memorial Award is presented annually for outstanding service by an on-ice official in the American Hockey League. The award is named for veteran linesman Mike Condon, who died suddenly during the 2001–02 season.[1]


Season Official
2018–19Fred Hudy
Carl Sasyn
2017–18Frank Murphy
2016–17Kevin Hastings
2015–16Joe Ross
2014–15Mike Emanatian[2]
2013–14Jim Vail
2012–13Bob Goodman[3]
2011–12Bob Paquette
2010–11Brian Lemon
2009–10David Butova
2008–09Al Stensland
2007–08Terry Koharski
2006–07Leo Boylan
2005–06Luke Galvin
2004–05Matt Dunne
2003–04Dan Murphy
2002–03Marty Demers
2001–02Jim Doyle


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