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MiNT Camera is a company specializing in the Polaroid instant film cameras and its accessories. Founded in 2009, it provides products and services for instant photography. Its principal activities are the refurbishment and repair of Polaroid cameras, with two MiNT Polaroid Warranty Centers located in Causeway Bay and Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. MiNT Camera has partnered with Impossible Project, a manufacturer of instant photographic materials.[1]

MiNT Camera
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MiNT Camera
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In 2015, MiNT Camera released the InstantFlex TL70, a twin lens reflex instant camera that uses Fuji instax mini film.


MiNT started as an online store in 2009. Six months later MiNT opened their first retail store, located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Later on, their first SX-70 warranty and repair center was established in Kwun Tong. MiNT became an official Impossible Project Partner Store in 2011.


Flash Bar

In 2011, MiNT released an electronic flash bar, compatible with all Polaroid folding and box-type SX-70-type cameras. The flash has a half-power setting for 600 film and a full power setting for SX-70 film. If desired, users can choose half power mode and use 600 film with their SX-70 cameras. Aperture changes depending on the focusing distance while the flash output stays the same.

The second generation was released in 2013 with improved charging time and an auto-sleep function.[2] It can be used with color filters and provides a sync port to trigger external flashes.

Lens Set

The MiNT Lens Set was also released in the same year. It can be used with any Polaroid SX-70 camera. The set includes an ND filter, blue filter, yellow filter, close-up lens and a fisheye lens to create different effects. Since Polaroid Originals (Impossible Project) film will exhibit red or yellow colour casts under bright sunlight and hot weather, using a blue filter will correct the white balance to a more natural colour. The yellow filter is used with black & white film to increase image contrast.



Ultimate Flagship built using the vintage Polaroid SX-70 cameras. SLR670-S comes with a Time Machine which enables you to set manual shutter speed. This is the most advanced and the only Polaroid that can set manual shutter speed with automatic ISO selection. ISO 640 when Time Machine is removed or under Auto 600 mode. Automatically switch to ISO 160 when under Auto 100 mode.


SLR670a combines features of the SX-70 and SLR680 Polaroid cameras. It works with both 600 film and SX-70 film.


The Polaroid SX-70 does not provide full manual control over exposure. SLR670m comes with the 'Time Machine', which enables manual control over shutter speed. MiNT re-designed the camera motherboard to provide a port of communication for the Time Machine. Shutter speeds on Time Machine range from 1s to 1/2000s plus bulb, time and auto exposure. The Time Machine only works with the SLR670m produced by MiNT, the standard Polaroid SX-70 will not respond to the Time Machine. ISO 160 when Time Machine is removed, or under Auto mode.

InstantFlex TL70

In 2015, MiNT released a twin lens reflex instant camera called InstantFlex TL70. It uses Fuji instax mini film with a size of 54 x 86 mm. A year later, TL70 2.0 was released with the 5 times brighter Fresnel Super Viewfinder upgrade, 32% larger magnifier, and improved shutter and aperture mechanism.


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