Metropolitan Youth Symphony

Metropolitan Youth Symphony is a youth orchestra organization in Portland, Oregon, U.S.

Founded in 1974 by Lajos Balogh with just a handful of students, it is now one of the largest youth orchestra groups in the country. It has about 500 students, twelve conductors and fourteen ensembles with multiple experience levels.[1][2] The symphony accepts young musicians of school ages kindergarten through early college and all levels of experience. The primary goal is to challenge students to learn and perform music in a friendly and rewarding atmosphere.

Metropolitan Youth Symphony's current Music Director is Costa Rican-born conductor and violinist Raúl Gómez.

MYS ensembles include:

  • Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Raúl Gómez
  • Symphonic Band, conducted by Patrick Murphy
  • Concert Orchestra, conducted by Jeffrey Peyton
  • Sinfonietta Orchestra, conducted by Lance Inouye
  • Vivaldi Strings, conducted by Brian Quincey
  • Concert Band, conducted by Cynthia Plank
  • Baroque Strings, conducted by Adam LaMotte
  • Interlude Orchestra, conducted by Nita Van Pelt
  • Overture Strings, conducted by Laura Jauregui
  • Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Ryan Meagher
  • Jazz Band, conducted by Greg McKelvey
  • MYSfits String Ensemble, conducted by Raúl Gómez
  • MYSticks Percussion Ensemble, directed by Michael Roberts

Metropolitan Youth Symphony ensembles present a dozen public concerts each year in the Portland metropolitan area.[3] In addition, it serves schools throughout Oregon with an outreach music program that visits up to twenty public schools each year.[4]


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