Mestre Mateo Awards

The Mestre Mateo Awards, known in Galician as Premios Mestre Mateo, are the main film awards in Galicia, celebrated annually. The awards were established in 2002 by the Galician Academy of Audiovisual[1] as a continuation and expansion of the Chano Piñeiro Awards (Premios Chano Piñeiro), originally established in 2002.

The trophy is inspired by the Master Mateo's Santo dos Croques, a sculpture of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.[2]

Past ceremonies

The following is a listing of all Mestre Mateo Awards ceremonies.

Ceremony Date Best Film Host(s) Venue
Mestre Mateo Awards 2003April 7, 2003Mondays in the SunJavier VeigaAuditorio de Galicia (Santiago de Compostela)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2004June 26, 2004Trece badaladas
O lapis do carpinteiro
Javier VeigaPazo de Congresos (Santiago de Compostela)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2005March 20, 2005O ano da carrachaMoncho BorrajoTeatro Sala de Concertos de Caixanova (Vigo)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2006March 19, 2006León and OlvidoLuis PiedrahitaPALEXCO (A Coruña)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2007May 9, 2007Un franco, 14 pesetasManuel Manquiña and Antonio Durán "Morris"Teatro Colón (A Coruña)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2008April 15, 2008O neno de barroManuel Manquiña and Antonio Durán "Morris"Teatro Jofre (Ferrol)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2009April 30, 2009Os mortos van á présaSergio ZearretaPazo da Cultura (Pontevedra)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2010April 17, 2010Cela 211Xosé Antonio TouriñánPazo da Cultura (Narón)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2011April 28, 201118 MealsBelén Regueira and Xosé Antonio TouriñánAuditorio Municipal (Ourense)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2012January 28, 2012DoentesMaría CastroPALEXCO (A Coruña)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2013April 6, 2013O ApóstoloCristina CastañoPalacio da Ópera (A Coruña)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2014April 12, 2014Somos xente honradaRoberto VilarPALEXCO (A Coruña)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2015April 11, 2015Os fenómenosRoberto VilarPALEXCO (A Coruña)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2016April 23, 2016RetributionMarga Pazos and Xosé Antonio TouriñánPalacio da Ópera (A Coruña)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2017March 4, 2017María (and Everybody Else)Iolanda MuíñosPALEXCO (A Coruña)
Mestre Mateo Awards 2018March 3, 2018DhogsIolanda MuíñosPalacio da Ópera (A Coruña)


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