Messalina, Messalina!

Messalina, Messalina!, also known as Caligula II: Messalina, Messalina, is a 1977 Italian spoof film.

Messalina, Messalina!
Italian theatrical release poster by Enzo Sciotti
Directed byBruno Corbucci
Produced byFranco Rossellini
Screenplay byMario Amendola
Bruno Corbucci
Story byBruno Corbucci
Mario Amendola
StarringAnneka Di Lorenzo
Vittorio Caprioli
Giancarlo Prete
Music byGuido De Angelis and Maurizio De Angelis
CinematographyMarcello Masciocchi
Edited byDaniele Alabiso
Medusa Distribuzione
Release date
  • August 25, 1977 (1977-08-25) (Italy)
Running time
100 min.


The film is not in fact a sequel to the 1979 film Caligula. During the time that Caligula spent in post-production, the film's co-producer Franco Rossellini wanted to get usage from the $20,000,000 of sets and costumes used in Caligula, fearing that the film would never be released. The sets and costumes, as noted in the film's opening credits, were those from Caligula, designed by Danilo Donati and used without his consent.[1]


The film begins with Messalina (Anneka Di Lorenzo), the wife of Claudius (Vittorio Caprioli), who is now Emperor succeeding Caligula. Most of the film revolves around Messalina's adulterous behavior, while Claudius remains blissfully unaware. Empress Messalina is having sex with every man in Rome except her husband Claudius, a traveler who has come to Rome looking for a good time, and a Roman con-man. It all ends in a comedic and gory bloodbath when Claudius comes home early and finds an orgy taking place in the palace. Claudius and his soldiers kill Messalina and all of the orgy participants.



The film was released in Italy on August 25, 1977.[2]


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