Meny (meaning "Menu") is a Norwegian and Danish supermarket chain owned by NorgesGruppen and Dagrofa (only the Danish stores, NorgesGruppen owns a 49% stake in Dagrofa).[1] The chain has historically only been active in Norway, where 187 stores operate under the brand.[2] In 2015, 119 Meny stores opened in Denmark, which are rebranded SuperBest and Eurospar stores, brands owned by the Danish Dagrofa.[3][4] The first Danish Meny stores opened in April 2015.[5]

Meny supermarket in Snarøya, Norway
Product typeSupermarket
MarketsNorway, Denmark
WebsiteNorway, Denmark

The brand operates so called 'full-service' supermarkets, focusing on offering a large choice of fresh and/or high quality products as opposed to discount supermarkets that offer low prices.[5][6]

In Denmark Meny has 5,500 employees.[4][5]


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