Men at Birth

Men at Birth is an award-winning book from Australian writer David Vernon.

Men at Birth
AuthorDavid Vernon
Cover artistTessa Read
PublisherAustralian College of Midwives
Publication date
Media typePrint
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The book is an edited anthology of birth experiences, written by men. The experiences described are diverse, ranging from caesarean births and VBAC births, to births that take place at home and in a birth centre or labour ward.

Steve Biddulph stated:

On a big journey into the unknown, you need people who have been there, who know the practicalities, as well as the emotions, new and strange, that go with it. This book of men telling the stories of their children's births is a gift; an unbelievable resource with more trust, honesty and helpful information than you might find in a hundred years of conversations.

The book has caused some controversy with its view that men who are poorly prepared for birth should not attend the birth of their child, as it may make the birth more difficult for the woman.[1][2][3]

On 13 December 2007 Men at Birth was the winner of the ACT Writing and Publishing Awards for Best Non-fiction Book of the Year. The award was made by Jon Stanhope.[4]



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