Melodifestivalen 2006

Melodifestivalen 2006 was the selection for the 46th song to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the 45th time that this system of picking a song had been used. Five semifinals had taken place to select the ten songs for the final, in Leksand, Karlstad, Karlskrona, Gothenburg and a Second Chance round in Stockholm. The final was broadcast on SVT1 and Sveriges Radio's P4 network. Carola Häggkvist was the clear favourite to win the final,[1] with bookmakers making her the favourite and an Aftonbladet web poll showing her to have a clear margin over the other participants. The rehearsals sold out for the fourth year running;[2] however, Carola was unable to perform in the final rehearsal due to throat problems.[3] This led to speculation that the final would be closer than expected. Aftonbladet claimed in April 2006 that the televote may have been tampered with,[4] as various sources reported unexplained voting (predominantly for Carola) on their telephone bills. It is clear that this would not have affected the result. Various finalists and semifinalists entered the Swedish Hitlistan chart after the competition.[5] The second placed song, "Temple of Love", finished fourth in the Eurovision Madrid National Finals Song Contest.

Melodifestivalen 2006
Semi-final18 February 2006
25 February 2006
4 March 2006
11 March 2006
Second chance12 March 2006
Final18 March 2006
VenueGlobe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden
Presenter(s)Lena Philipsson
Directed bySven Stojanovic
Interval actHelena Paparizou, Lena Philipsson
Number of entries32: 8 in each semi-final; 10 in the final (2 from each semi-final, 2 from the Second Chance round.)
Voting system50/50 jury, SMS and telephone voting
Winning song"Evighet" by Carola


The semifinals for Melodifestivalen 2006 began on 18 February 2006. Ten songs from these semifinals qualified for the final on 18 March 2006. This was the fifth year that a semifinal format had been used for the competition, and interest was higher than ever.


On 15 August 2005 SVT confirmed that Leksand, Karlstad, Karlskrona and Gothenburg would host the semifinals of Melodifestivalen 2006, with the final taking place at the Stockholm Globe Arena for the fifth year running (sixth overall). SVT received 3,310 songs for the competition, a new record . The song titles were unveiled on 12 October, and the artists fifteen days later. Steven Simmonds took his song off the line-up in November 2005, stating that SVT were forcing him to sing it himself, which he did not want to do. Lena Philipsson was a surprise choice as host, as rumours had been spreading that SVT wanted Helena Paparizou to present the Gothenburg semifinal or the final. Bodies Without Organs were unveiled as the first wildcard in a pre-Christmas special. There was much speculation that Eurovision Song Contest 1999 winner Charlotte Perrelli would be among the others, but Magnus Carlsson, Rednex and Andreas Johnson were confirmed as wildcards in late January 2006. The proposed changes to the voting format (caused by the controversy over Nanne Grönvall's defeat in Melodifestivalen 2005) never materialised.

Contributions that didn't make it

Other artists that submitted songs

Fredrik Wännman, Josefin Nilsson & Björn Kjellman, Pernilla Wahlgren, Elisabeth Andreassen, Lotta Engberg, Mikael Rickfors, Tommy Nilsson, Lustans Lakejer, Jan Johansen, Ann Winsborn, Emil Sigfridsson, Niklas Andersson, Rikard Wolff and The Wallstones.

Semifinal 1

Semifinal 1
Date: 18 February 2006
Presenter: Lena Philipsson
Venue: Ejendals Arena, Leksand
Voting: Telephone voting
Interval Act: Veniamin Showgroup
Viewing figures (approx): 3,045,000
Total number of televotes cast: 466,660
Qualifiers: Jag ljuger så bra performed by Linda Bengtzing, Sing For Me performed by Andreas Johnson
Second Chance: The Name of Love performed by Magnus Bäcklund, Kamelont performed by the Electric Banana Band
# Artist Song Televotes Total Place Results
Round 1 Round 2
1Simone MorenoAiayeh (The Music of the Samba)6 6886 6888thOut
2Electric Banana BandKameleont32 19229 03761 2294thSecond Chance
3Anna SahleneThis Woman22 07825 95448 0325thOut
4Magnus BäcklundThe Name of Love39 44245 56185 0033rdSecond Chance
5Linda BengtzingJag ljuger så bra49 50656 658106 1642ndFinal
6PandangKuddkrig16 61116 6116thOut
7Hannah GraafNaughty Boy14 23014 2307thOut
8Andreas JohnsonSing for Me56 35461 323117 6771stWildcard

Semifinal 2

Semifinal 2
Date: 25 February 2006
Presenter: Lena Philipsson
Venue: Löfbergs Lila Arena, Karlstad
Voting: Telephone voting
Interval Act: Stage-TV, Tommy Körberg
Viewing figures (approx): 2,320,000
Total number of televotes cast: 306,074
Qualifiers: Lev livet performed by Magnus Carlsson, Idag och imorgon performed by Kikki Danielsson
Second Chance: En droppe regn performed by Niclas Wahlgren, Mi amore performed by Velvet
# Artist Song Televotes Total Place Results
Round 1 Round 2
1Magnus CarlssonLev livet!31 11549 61080 7651stWildcard
2The ElephantzOh Yeah7 8567 8568thOut
3SonyaEtymon16 54117 29933 8405thOut
4Östen med RestenGe mig en kaka till kaffet13 61713 6176thOut
5Pablo CepeldaLa chica dela copa12 63012 6307thOut
6Kikki DanielssonIdag och imorgon35 79235 75371 5452ndFinal
7Niclas WahlgrenEn droppe regn17 60023 33940 9394thSecond Chance
8VelvetMi amore21 49622 62744 1233rdSecond Chance

Semifinal 3

Semifinal 3
Date: 4 March 2006
Presenter: Lena Philipsson
Venue: Arena Rosenholm, Karlskrona
Voting: Telephone voting
Interval Act: Anders Lundin, Andreas Nilsson, Jan Åström, David & FoFo
Viewing figures (approx): 3,110,000
Total number of televotes cast: 411,478
Qualifiers: Temple of Love performed by BWO, Night of Passion performed by The Poodles
Second Chance: Faller du så faller jag performed by Patrik Isaksson, Golden Star performed by Elysion
# Artist Song Televotes Total Place Results
Round 1 Round 2
1BWOTemple of Love38 73353 82092 5532ndWildcard
2Jessica FolckerWhen Love's Comin' Back Again14 72514 7257thOut
3GregorMi amor6 8016 8018thOut
4Jessica AnderssonKalla nätter17 87326 24744 1205thOut
5The PoodlesNight of Passion45 92756 242102 1691stFinal
6ElysionGolden Star27 24131 86459 1053rdSecond Chance
7Patrik IsakssonFaller du så faller jag22 98533 08056 0654thSecond Chance
8Kayo ShekoniInnan natten är över17 77017 7706thOut

Semifinal 4

Semifinal 4
Date: 11 March 2006
Presenter: Lena Philipsson
Venue: Scandinavium, Gothenburg
Voting: Telephone voting
Interval Act: Morgan Alling
Viewing figures (approx): 3,645,000
Total number of televotes cast: 653,991
Qualifiers: Älskar du livet performed by Björn Kjellman, Evighet performed by Carola Häggkvist
Second Chance: Mama Take Me Home performed by Rednex, Silverland performed by Roger Pontare
# Artist Song Televotes Total Place Results
Round 1 Round 2
1Roger PontareSilverland29 93937 64567 5844thSecond Chance
2Laila AdéleDon't Try To Stop Me17 85117 8517thOut
3Günther and the Sunshine GirlsLike Fire Tonight20 76720 7676thOut
4Sandra DahlbergJag tar det jag vill ha26 46234 76961 2315thOut
5EvanUnder Your Spell13 60013 6008thOut
6RednexMama Take Me Home37 10450 41887 5223rdWildcard
Second Chance
7Björn KjellmanÄlskar du livet40 57453 00093 5742ndFinal
8Carola HäggkvistEvighet139 952151 021290 9731stFinal

Second Chance Round

Second Chance Round
Date: 12 March 2006
Presenters: Carin Hjulström-Livh & Henrik Johnson
Venue: SVT TV-Huset, Stockholm
Voting: Telephone voting
Interval Act: Melodifestivalen quiz
Viewing figures (approx): 2,140,000
Total number of televotes cast: 480,449
Qualifiers: The Name of Love performed by Magnus Bäcklund, Mama Take Me Home performed by Rednex
# Artist Song Televotes Total Place Results
Round 1 Round 2
1Electric Banana BandKameleont14 96114 9616thOut
2Magnus BäcklundThe Name of Love35 82353 58289 4052ndFinal
3Niclas WahlgrenEn droppe regn10 58410 5848thOut
4VelvetMi amore12 07612 0767thOut
5ElysionGolden Star25 94733 58359 5305thOut
6Patrik IsakssonFaller du så faller jag36 61351 27087 8833rdOut
7Roger PontareSilverland36 18045 18881 2984thOut
8RednexMama Take Me Home53 63568 670122 3051stFinal


# Artist Song Songwriters Votes Place
Jury Public Total
1Andreas JohnsonSing for MeAndreas Johnson, Peter Kvint112882003rd
2Björn KjellmanÄlskar du livetCalle Kindbom, Dan Fernström6069th
3Linda BengtzingJag ljuger så braLars "Dille" Diedricson, Martin Hedström, Ingela "Pling" Forsman3422567th
4The PoodlesNight of PassionRobert Olausson, Maiti Alfonzetti, Sonja Aldén, Johan Lyander3266984th
5Magnus CarlssonLev livet!Anders Glenmark, Niklas Strömstedt190198th
6RednexMama Take Me HomeMatthews Green, Michael Clauss1744616th
7CarolaEvighetBobby Ljunggren, Thomas G:son, Henrik Wikström1021322341st
8Magnus BäcklundThe Name of LoveLina Eriksson, Mårten Eriksson5711685th
9Kikki DanielssonI dag & i morgonThomas G:son, Calle Kindbom20210th
10BWOTemple of LoveAlexander Bard, Anders Hansson921102022nd


Song Örebro Luleå Falun Karlstad Umeå Norrköping Gothenburg Sundsvall Växjö Malmö Stockholm Total
Sing for Me8121012121281012106112
Älskar du livet------6----6
Jag ljuger så bra1661261424134
Night of Passion6226122142432
Lev livet--1441--1-819
Mama Take Me Home44-----8-1-17
The Name of Love10188844266-57
Idag och imorgon----------22
Temple of Love1210426810610121292


Song Jury No. of televotes (%) Points Total
Sing for Me112&&&+350.938 (18%)88200
Älskar du livet6&&&&+83.917 (4%)-6
Jag ljuger så bra34&&&+138.249 (7%)2256
Night of Passion32&&&+180.784 (9%)6698
Lev livet19&&&&+44.825 (2%)-19
Mama Take Me Home17&&&+154.115 (8%)4461
Evighet102&&&+437.876 (23%)132234
The Name of Love57&&&+101.799 (5%)1168
Idag och imorgon2&&&&+51.742 (3%)-2
Temple of Love92&&&+368.907 (19%)110202

Returning artists

Artist Previous year(s)
Sahlene 2003
Magnus Bäcklund 2003 and 2004 as Fame
Jessica Andersson
Linda Bengtzing 2005
Jessica Folcker
Anne-Lie Rydé
Magnus Carlsson 2000, 2001, and 2002 with Barbados, 2003 and 2005 with Alcazar
Östen med resten 2002, 2003
Kikki Danielsson 1978 with Wizex, 1980, 1981, 1982 with Chips, 1983, 1985, 1992, 2002 as Kikki, Bettan & Lotta
Roger Pontare 1994, with Marie Bergman, 2000
Sandra Dahlberg 2004
Annika Ljungberg 2002
Carola 1983, 1990, 1991

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