Mellen Woodman Haskell

Mellen Woodman Haskell (March 17, 1863 – January 15, 1948) was an American mathematician, specializing in geometry, group theory, and applications of group theory to geometry.[1]

Mellen Woodman Haskell
Born(1863-03-17)March 17, 1863
DiedJanuary 15, 1948(1948-01-15) (aged 84)
Alma materHarvard University
University of Göttingen
Scientific career
InstitutionsUniversity of Michigan
University of California, Berkeley
Doctoral advisorFelix Klein
Doctoral studentsBenjamin A. Bernstein
Annie Biddle
Charles H. Smiley

Education and career

After secondary education at Roxbury Latin School, he received in 1883 his bachelor's degree and in 1885 his M.A. and a Parker Traveling Fellowship from Harvard University. From 1885 to 1889 he studied mathematics at the University of Leipzig and the University of Göttingen, where in 1889 he received, under Felix Klein, his Ph.D. (Promotierung).[2][3] In 1889 Haskell became an instructor at the University of Michigan. At the University of California, Berkeley, he became in 1890 an assistant professor, in 1894 an associate professor, and in 1906 a full professor. In 1909 he became the chair of U. C. Berkeley's mathematics department in succession to Irving Stringham, and remained the chair until retiring as professor emeritus in 1933.[1]

Haskell was an Invited Speaker of the International Congress of Mathematicians in 1924 in Toronto and in 1928 in Bologna.

Selected publications

  • 1890: "Ueber die zu der Curve λ3μ+ μ3ν+ μ3λ= 0 im projectiven Sinne gehörende mehrfache Ueberdeckung der Ebene", American Journal of Mathematics : 1–52. doi:10.2307/2369597
  • 1892: "Note on resultants", Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 1: 223–224. MR1557188
  • 1893: "On the definition of logarithms", Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 2: 164–167. MR1557235
  • 1895: On the introduction of the notion of hyperbolic functions, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 1: 155–159, from Project Euclid MR1557371
  • 1903: "On a Certain Rational Cubic Transformation in Space", The American Mathematical Monthly 10(1): 1–3.
  • 1903; "Generalization of a Fundamental Theorem in the Geometry of the Triangle", The American Mathematical Monthly 10(2): 30–33.
  • 1905: "The construction of conics under given conditions", Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 11: 268–273. MR1558211
  • 1906: "The resolution of any collineation into perspective reflections", Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 7: 361–369. MR1500754
  • 1917: "The maximum number of cusps of an algebraic plane curve, and enumeration of self-dual curves", Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 23: 164–165. MR1559901

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