Meldrim trestle disaster

The Meldrim trestle disaster occurred at Meldrim, Georgia, on June 28, 1959. Involved was a Seaboard Air Line mixed freight train that derailed over the Ogeechee River. Loaded LPG tank cars from the train plunged into the river below and ruptured. The resulting BLEVE and fire killed 23 people.[1]

The derailment was caused by the movement of rails on the trestle, as they were compressed by the moving train.[1]

An ICC investigation faulted the railroad for not installing guard rails along the trestle, which might have helped to keep the derailed equipment on the trestle deck, minimizing the risk of a hazardous materials release.[1]

Killed were the following:

  • Jimmy Anderson
  • Elizabeth Dixon Barnes
  • Ted Barnes
  • Julian Beasley
  • Linda Beasley
  • Reba Lamb Beasley
  • Michael Bland
  • Charles Carpenter
  • Billy Dent
  • Joan Dent
  • Frank Dixon
  • Edna Dixon
  • Barbara Hales
  • Claudia Johnson
  • L.B. Lamb
  • Terry Lane
  • Elbie Lane
  • Florence Lane
  • Leslie Lee
  • James Smith
  • Margie Hales Smith
  • Timothy Smith
  • Wayne Smith


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