Mefou National Park

Mefou National Park (French: Parc de la Méfou), also known as Mefou Wildlife Sanctuary and Mfou Reserve, is a national park and zoo in the forested area of Mfou in Cameroon. Within it, Mefou Primate Park[1] is used as a shelter for primates that are native to Africa: the monkey, chimpanzees and gorillas.[2]

Mefou National Park
French: Parc de la Méfou
Mefou Wildlife Sanctuary
Mfou Reserve
Captive lions at Mefou
LocationMéfou-et-Afamba, Centre Region, Cameroon
Nearest townMfou
Coordinates3°57′36″N 11°55′48″E


Ape Action Africa established the sanctuary to house primates which were housed at the Mvog-Betsi Zoo at Yaoundé. Eventually, it would act to protect primates that were affected by illegal pet and bushmeat trades in the country.[2]

In 2010, the shelter's manager, Colonel Avi Sivan, was killed in a helicopter crash.[3]

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