Meet Me at the Fair

Meet Me at the Fair is a 1953 musical film directed by Douglas Sirk.

Meet Me at the Fair
Directed byDouglas Sirk
StarringDan Dailey
CinematographyMaury Gertsman
Edited byRussell F. Schoengarth
Distributed byUniversal-International
Release date
  • 1953 (1953)
Running time
87 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$1.3 million (US rentals)[1]


Zerelda King is assigned to look into possible illegal and unethical activity at an orphanage, which may or may not involve her fiance.

A boy named Tad flees from the orphanage, meantime, and is given a ride by Doc Tilbee, a man with a traveling medicine show.



Movie critic Leonard Maltin considers this to be a "pleasant musical".[3]


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