MedicineNet is a medical website that provides detailed information about diseases, conditions, medications and general health.[1] launched in 1995.[2] William Shiel co-founded MedicineNet and continues today as the Chief Medical Editor.[3] Melissa Stöppler also serves on the MedicineNet Editorial Board[4] and she and Shiel were co editors-in-chief of Webster's New World Medical Dictionary, Year 2008, Third Edition.[3][5]

Health Information
FoundedOctober 1996
OwnerWebMD Since 2004

MedicineNet is an owned and operated site in the WebMD Consumer Network[6] and was acquired by WebMD in December 2004.[7] MedicineNet is a network of U.S. Board-Certified Physicians and Allied Health Professionals working together to provide the public with current, comprehensive medical information, written in easy to understand language.[8]

MedicineNet, as part of the WebMD Consumer Network, adheres to the same privacy policy as and is certified by the TRUSTe online privacy certification program.[9] In addition, MedicineNet is HONcode certified to be in compliance with the Health on the Net health website principles.[8]

MedicineNet is ranked #5 in the July 2017 eBizMBA Top 15 Most Popular Health Websites.[10]


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