Medical corps

A medical corps is generally a military branch or officer corps responsible for medical care for serving military personnel. Such officers are typically military physicians.

List of medical corps

The following organizations are examples:

In the British Armed Forces and Commonwealth of Nations:

In the United States military:

In the Indian Armed Forces

  • AFMS(Armed Forces Medical Services), known as Army Medical Corps that is responsible for medical care to Indian Armed Forces(Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard) personnel. It is tri-service organization. It provides medical support to the Armed Forces during war as well as comprehensive health care to all service personnel, ex-servicemen and their dependents during peace. Army Medical Corps provides medical aid during natural calamities both at national and international levels. AFMS has a common pool which allows officers to migrate from one service to another depending on the requirement.

In the French Armed Forces:

In the Irish Defence Forces:

In the Israel Defense Forces:

In the Myanmar Armed Forces:

In the Polish Armed Forces:

  • Military Health Service, part of the Polish Armed Forces providing a comprehensive full-scale military health service to them

In the Singapore Armed Forces:

In the South African National Defence Force:

  • South African Military Health Service, a distinct Arm of Service (as opposed to Army, Navy or Air Force), providing a comprehensive full-scale military health service to the South African National Defence Force

In the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation:

In the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr):

Dental corps

A dental corps is a specialist military unit, generally including dentists and dedicated to maintaining the dental health of service personnel. Dental corps are therefore a kind of medical corps, and are typically either within the medical corps of their military organization, or closely associated with it.

List of dental corps

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