Mediawan Thematics

The Mediawan Thematics is a French business group in the field of broadcasting.

Mediawan Thematics
TypeDVB & internet
Launch date
1977 Inc. &
1987 TV
Official website

It was founded in 1977 by Jean-Luc Azoulay and Claude Berda as a music production company, and in 1987 went into the world of television.

In English speaking regions, Mediawan Thematics is best known for their English dub of the Dragon Ball Z films that were aired on Toonami UK and released on DVD out-of-order in the Netherlands. This dub features a then unknown cast and became known as the "Big Green dub" because Piccolo's name was changed to "Big Green". Mediawan Thematics's dub of Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest was released on DVD by Warner Vision in the UK under the name "The Strongest Guy In The World" in 2003.[1]

Mediawan Thematics also distributed the Blue Water Studios dubs of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT in Canada and Europe.

On October 11, 2018, AB Groupe rebrands to Mediawan Thematics after the purchase by Mediawan in 2017.


Channel Country Category Information
AB MoteursFranceSportPay-TV
ActionFranceMovie channelPay-TV
Chasse et PêcheFranceDocumentaryPay-TV
Ciné FXFranceMovie channelPay-TV
Ciné PolarFranceMovie channelPay-TV
Lucky Jack.tvFranceGames
MangasFranceChildren's channelPay-TV
Toute l'HistoireFranceDocumentaryPay-TV


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