Medialaan was a Belgian company, best known as parent company of the first Flemish commercial television station: VTM. In 2018 De Persgroep acquired a 50 percent stake in Medialaan and rebranded the company as DPG Media.


Medialaan was founded in 1987 as Vlaamse Televisie Maatschappij by nine Flemish newspaper and magazine publishers, each with an 11.1% share, Perexma, Roularta, TVV, IUM, Almaspar, De Vlijt, Hoste, Concentra, and Drukkerij Het Volk. Several TV and radio sister stations, generally targeting a more specific segment of the Flemish audience (such as youth), have been added. Since 1998, De Persgroep and the Roularta Media Group each have a 50% share of the company. On 31 May 1999 the name was changed to Vlaamse Media Maatschappij (VMMa) (English: Flemish Media Company), and in February 2014 the name was again changed to Medialaan (meaning 'media avenue'), reflecting the street in Vilvoorde on which it is located.[1]

In 2018 De Persgroep acquired Roularta's 50 percent stake in Medialaan. Roularta received a 50 percent stake in Mediafin and 217.5 million euros in cash.[2] This turned De Persgroep into the sole owner of Medialaan. On 23 May, 2019, The company merged Medialaan with its newspaper and magazine publishing holdings.[3] The combined company took on the name of DPG Media, and slowly started to phase out the Medialaan name, though it can still be found on emails from its properties.

Rivalry with the VRT

Medialaan's main competitor was the Flemish public broadcaster VRT; their rivalry even has a nickname 'Mediaoorlog', and it supposed suspension Pax media. Woestijnvis, which incorporated the former Flemish SBS-stations, is a more distant third, other stations are minor.

Television channels

Final channels

  • VTM - The oldest and most popular TV station of the Medialaan. Used for mainstream series and programs.
  • Q2 (formerly known as 2BE, Kanaaltwee, Kanaal 2 and Ka 2) - The station is used mainly for trying out own work and imported series and movies.
  • Vitaya - Lifestyle TV station.
  • CAZ (formerly known as acht) - TV station targeting men with mainly movies, stand-up comedy and American series.
  • VTM Kids - TV station for the kids and boys.
  • VTM Kids Jr. - TV station for preschool.

Former channels

  • JIM (2001-2015) - Youngster and music TV station
  • VTMzomer (2006) - Summer themed channel
  • VTMkerst (2006-2007) - Christmas themed channel
  • Vitaliteit (2007-2012) - Health & healthy food themed channel
  • anne - (2009-2016) - Flemish music only channel
  • Lacht (2013-2016) - Comedy channel
  • VTMKZOOM - TV station for the kids.
  • Kadet - TV station for boys.

Radio (Qgroup)

Qgroup is the holding for the radiostations of Medialaan. The group is active in Belgium & The Netherlands.

Final radio stations

  • Qmusic (Belgium & The Netherlands)
  • JOE (Belgium)

Former radio stations

  • Radio Mango (until 2003)
  • Topradio (owned by Medialaan until 2003)

Mobile operators

Medialaan owns 3 MVNO's

  • Jim Mobile
  • Mobile Vikings
  • Unleashed

On Demand

Medialaan has 2 on demand services:

  • iWatch (digital tv)
  • Stevie (web and mobile devices)


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