Meander Valley Council

Meander Valley Council is a local government body in northern Tasmania. It covers the western outskirts of Launceston, and further westward along the Meander River. Meander Valley Council is classified as a rural local government area and has a population of 19,572.[1] Major towns and localities of the region include Elizabeth Town, Mole Creek, Westbury and the principal town of Deloraine.

Meander Valley Council
Map showing the Meander Valley local government area.
Coordinates41.6267°S 146.4849°E / -41.6267; 146.4849
Population19,572 (2017)[1]
 • Density5.8/km2 (15/sq mi)
Established2 April 1993[2]
Area3,821 km2 (1,475.3 sq mi)
MayorWayne Johnston[3]
Council seatWestbury
RegionGreat Western Tiers
State electorate(s)Lyons, Bass
Federal Division(s)Lyons, Bass
WebsiteMeander Valley Council
LGAs around Meander Valley Council:
Kentish Latrobe West Tamar
West Coast Meander Valley Council Launceston
Central Highlands Central Highlands Northern Midlands

History and attributes

On 2 April 1993, the municipalities of Deloraine and Westbury were amalgamated to form the Meander Valley Council.[2] Meander Valley is classified as rural, agricultural and very large (RAV) under the Australian Classification of Local Governments.[4]


The municipality includes the localities of Bracknell, Carrick, Chudleigh, Hagley, Meander, Mole Creek, Westbury, Elizabeth Town, Caveside, Exton and Travellers Rest. It also includes the outer western suburbs of Launceston including Blackstone Heights and Prospect Vale, and the satellite town of Hadspen.

A majority of the Great Western Tiers mountain range is within the Meander Valley municipal area.

Localities and suburbs

List of localities and suburbs.[5][6]

LocalitiesCensus population 2011Reason
Kimberley 436 Includes Weegena, Moltema, Dunorlan
Weegena Incl. in Kimberley
Moltema Incl. in Kimberley
Dunorlan Incl. in Kimberley
Elizabeth Town 420 Includes Parkham
Parkham Incl. in Elizabeth Town
Reedy Marsh 309
Birralee 362 Includes Rosevale, Selbourne
Rosevale Incl. in Birralee
Selbourne Incl. in Birralee
Westwood Incl. in Carrick
Blackstone Heights 1,294
Travellers Rest 244
Prospect Vale 5,021
Hadspen 2,063
Quamby Bend Incl. in Westbury
Quamby Brook Incl. in Golden Valley
Westbury 2,104 Includes Quamby Bend, Osmaston
Osmaston Incl. in Westbury
Carrick 870 Includes Westwood, Oaks
Hagley 330
Whitemore 236 Includes Cluan
Oaks Incl. in Carrick
Cluan Incl. in Whitemore
Montana Incl. in Meander
Bracknell 375
Liffey 259
Golden Valley 290 Includes Quamby Brook
Jackeys Marsh Incl. in Meander
Meander 415 Includes Jackeys Marsh
Western Creek Incl. in Caveside
Lake McKenzie Incl. in Mersey Forest
Rowallan Incl. in Mersey Forest
Mersey Forest 0 Includes Lake McKenzie, Rowallan, Parangana, Lemonthyme, Cradle Mountain
Parangana Incl. in Mersey Forest
Lemonthyme Incl. in Mersey Forest
Cradle Mountain Incl. in Mersey Forest, Staverton (Kentish)
Liena Incl. in Mole Creek
Mayberry Incl. in Mole Creek
Mole Creek 609 Includes Mayberry, Liena
Caveside 318 Includes Western Creek, Dairy Plains
Chudleigh Includes Needles, Red Hills, Lemana Junction
Needles Incl. in Chudleigh
Red Hills Incl. in Chudleigh
Lemana Junction Incl. in Chudleigh
Deloraine 2,741
Exton Incl. in Reedy Marsh
Total 19,031
(143) Variance
Local government total 18,888 Gazetted Central Coast Local Government Area

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