Mazurkas, Op. 7 (Chopin)

The Mazurkas, Op. 7 are a set of five mazurkas by Frédéric Chopin. The mazurkas were written in 1830 – 1832. A typical performance of all five mazurkas takes a little over eleven minutes.

No. 1 in B-flat major

The first mazurka is marked Vivace and is perhaps the most well-known mazurka of the set.

No. 2 in A minor

Despite the Vivo, ma non troppo marking, the mazurka is usually slowly performed, and the main theme is relatively mild.

No. 3 in F minor

The third mazurka is the only one in the set to feature no repeats.

No. 4 in A-flat major

This mazurka was originally composed in 1824; Chopin revised it and put it as the fourth mazurka of the set.

No. 5 in C major

The final mazurka is the shortest of the five, taking less than a minute to perform. It is known as a fine example of the composer's sense of humour.[1]


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