Mayor of Bacoor

The Mayor of Bacoor (Filipino: Punong Lungsod ng Bakoor) is the head of the executive branch of city government of Bacoor, a first-class urban component city in the province of Cavite, Philippines. Like all local government heads in the Philippines, the mayor is elected via popular vote, and may not be elected for a fourth consecutive term (although the former mayor may return to office after an interval of one term). In case of death, resignation or incapacity, the vice mayor becomes the mayor. Twenty-one individuals have held the position since it was first established in 1908 during the American colonial period.

Mayor of the City of Bacoor
Lani Mercado

since June 30, 2016
StyleThe Honorable
AppointerElected via popular vote
Term length3 years
Inaugural holderLuis Landas


Pursuant to Chapter II, Title II, Book III of Republic Act No. 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991,[1] the Bacoor City government is to be composed of a mayor (alkalde), a vice-mayor (bise alkalde) and members (kagawad) of the legislative branch Sangguniang Panlungsod alongside a secretary to the said legislature, all of which are elected to a three-year term and are eligible to run for three consecutive terms.

Elected to a term of three years and limited to three consecutive terms, the mayor of Bacoor holds office at Bacoor City Hall within the Bacoor Government Center in Brgy. San Nicolas II. He appoints the directors of each city department, which include the office of administration, engineering office, information office, legal office, and treasury office.

The incumbent mayor of Bacoor is Strike Revilla, from the Lakas Party. He first assumed office on 30 June 2007, following his victory in the May 2007 municipal elections.[2] He was reelected in 2010 for a second term, during which, Bacoor was converted into a city.[3] He ran and won a third as city mayor in 2013 which will expire in 2016.[4]

The city's vice mayor performs duties as acting governor in the absence of the mayor. He or she also automatically succeeds as mayor upon the death of the incumbent. He or she also convenes the Sangguniang Panlungsod, the city's legislative body. The incumbent vice mayor of Bacoor is Catherine Sarino-Evaristo from the Lakas Party. She first assumed office on 30 June 2013 after defeating former vice mayor Rosette Miranda-Fernando.[4]

List of mayors

Name Period
Luis Javier Landas1908–1911[5]
Gregorio De Guia1912–1915
Hilarion Guzman1916–1919
Simon Reyes1919–1922
Francisco Gaudier1925–1928
Marcelo F. Cuenca1928–1930
Eduardo Ocampo1931–1934
Marcelo Miranda1942–1945
Dr. Generoso Sarino1946–1947
Arsenio Castillo1948–1954
Benigno Guinto1954–1960
Pablo G. Sarino1960–1963
Benigno Guinto1963–1967
Pablo G. Sarino,1967–1986
Benjamin T. Enriquez, Sr.1986-1988
Angelito Miranda1988, assassinated a few days later
Buencamino Cruz1988–1992
Victor I. Miranda 1992–1996
Jose M. Francisco1996–1998
Jessie B. Castillo1998–2007
Strike Revilla2007–2016
Lani M. Revilla2016–

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