Maxime Elmaleh

Maxime Elmaleh (born May 5, 1969) is a Canadian curler.

Maxime Elmaleh
Born (1969-05-05) May 5, 1969
Curling clubCC Etchemin,[1]
Saint-Romuald, QC
Member Association Quebec
Brier appearances4: (2000, 2002, 2005, 2006)
World Championship
1 (2006)

He is a 2006 World Men's silver medallist[2] and a 2006 Tim Hortons Brier champion.


1998–99Éric SylvainMaxime ElmalehFrançois RobergeJean Gagnon
1999–00Éric SylvainMaxime ElmalehFrançois RobergeJean Gagnon
1999–00François RobergeMaxime ElmalehÉric SylvainJean GagnonMichel St-OngeBrier 2000
2000–01François RobergeMaxime ElmalehÉric SylvainJean Gagnon
2001–02François RobergeMaxime ElmalehÉric SylvainJean GagnonJean-Michel Ménard
Michel St-Onge
Brier 2002 (11th)
2003–04Jean-Michel MénardFrançois RobergeÉric SylvainMaxime ElmalehJean Gagnon
2004–05Jean-Michel MénardFrançois RobergeÉric SylvainMaxime ElmalehJean Gagnon
Michel St-Onge
Brier 2005 (4th)
2005–06Jean-Michel MénardFrançois RobergeÉric SylvainMaxime ElmalehJean Gagnon
Michel St-Onge
Brier 2006
WCC 2006
2006–07Jean-Michel MénardFrançois RobergeÉric SylvainMaxime ElmalehJean Gagnon
(except CCC)
CCC 2006
CCup 2007 (9th)
2007–08Francois GagneFrançois RobergeMaxime ElmalehChristian Bouchard
2008–09Guy HemmingsDwayne FowlerShawn FowlerMaxime ElmalehFrançois Roberge
2009–10Martin FerlandFrançois RobergeShawn FowlerMaxime ElmalehPhilippe Lemay
2010–11Martin FerlandFrançois RobergeShawn FowlerMaxime Elmaleh
2011–12Martin FerlandFrançois RobergeShawn FowlerMaxime Elmaleh
2012–13Martin FerlandFrançois RobergeShawn FowlerMaxime Elmaleh
2013–14Martin FerlandFrançois RobergeShawn FowlerMaxime Elmaleh
2014–15Ghyslain RichardMaxime ElmalehWilliam DionMiguel Bernard
2016–17Martin FerlandFrançois RobergeMaxime ElmalehJean Gagnon
2017–18Martin FerlandFrançois RobergeMaxime ElmalehJean Gagnon
2018–19François RobergeSerge ReidMaxime ElmalehDaniel BédardCSCC 2019 (5th)
2018–19Steven MunroeMaxime ElmalehJasmin GibeauPhilippe Brassard
2019–20Steven MunroeMaxime ElmalehPhilippe BrassardJean Gagnon
Mixed curling
2015–16Maxime ElmalehRoxane PerronJean GagnonSonia DelisleCMxCC 2016 (6th)

Personal life

Maxime Elmaleh attended Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon. He works as accounting supervisor at CDPQ Inc.


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