Max Rowley

Max Rowley (born: 20 April 1937) is an Australian media personality, actor and radio and television broadcaster/announcer. He is currently the principal of his own radio and media training academy, The Max Rowley Media and Drama Academy.

Max Rowley
Born (1937-04-20) 20 April 1937
OccupationMedia personality, radio and television announcer, academy teacher
Years activelate 1940 - 2013

Early career

Rowley started acting in his teens and spent many years in the Professional Workshops at the Independent Theatre. He was also trained at the Kennerdale Radio Acting School which he eventually took over as principal. He studied Shakespeare with Broadway's classical actor Lawrence H. Cecil who was the first actor/director to present Shakespeare on radio in the United States in the 1930s.

Radio drama

He got his professional radio start during the closing years of broadcasting's "Golden Age" of radio dramas, working consistently with Grace Gibson, Artransa, 2UE, 2GB, 2UW, AWA and all A.B.C. radio units. Rowley appeared in classic serials such as Portia Faces Life, Dr Paul, etc.

Rowley was one of the very few announcers to commence his career in Sydney without previous country experience. Throughout the 1960s and into the '70s he was heard on 2CH. He was also promotional voice on the John Laws Show and was a talk back personality at 2KY in the early 1990s.

Television and film actor

As a television and film actor, Rowley appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in the early 1960s. Some of the series he worked on include "Come in Spinner", "Dismissal", "Harp in the South", "Dad and Dave", "Sons and Daughters", etc.

Television announcer

Rowley commenced his television announcing career on Network Seven in Sydney with no previous experience as a television announcer. Over 40 years of media involvement, Max Rowley was both promotional voice-over, presentation announcer, on-Camera news reader and "Voice of the Seven Revolution" from the Sixties through to the Seventies.

Rowley was the voice-over person on the ABC's Norman Gunston Show, and was sometime seen "in the booth".

He moved from the Nine Network to work as promotions voice-over announcer for 5 years from 1975 to 1980. He then moved to Network Ten in the same capacity. Rowley has appeared on over 48,000 radio and television promotions and commercials.

Speech and drama coach

The Max Rowley Media and Drama Academy has been established over a generation. Max has trained thousands of Australians in speech and many hundreds of broadcast announcers for radio and television in Australia.

Max Rowley Attended the Rosalinde Kennerdale Radio acting school and over time took over the school and renamed it it. He taught in Manning Road Double Bay The Palings Building, Bondi Junction, New South Wales and for a long period in Ashfield, New South Wales and then in early 1960 moved to Liverpool Street Sydney. When the block was demolished to be turned Into the new structure his school was moved to Pitt Street and then to Redfern, New South Wales where it remained until Max Rowley retired in 2012.

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