Max Faulkner (actor)

Max Faulkner
Max Lloyd Faulkner[1]

Died(2010-02-13)13 February 2010 (age 79)
OccupationTelevision Actor & Stuntman

Max Faulkner was an English stuntman and actor.


Max Faulkner did stunt/double work in The Adventures of Robin Hood and appeared as a clerk in one episode but was mainly known for his credited work on Doctor Who during the 1970s where he appeared in The Ambassadors of Death (as a UNIT soldier), The Monster of Peladon (as a miner), Planet of the Spiders (as a Guard Captain), Genesis of the Daleks (as a Thal Guard), The Android Invasion (as Corporal Adams), The Sun Makers as one of Mandrel's rebels, and The Invasion of Time (as Nesbin). He also served as the fight arranger for The Hand of Fear.

Selected filmography


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