Mauritanian Super Cup

The Mauritanian Super Cup is a Mauritanian football competition, held as a game between the reigning champions of the Mauritanian Premier League and the Mauritanian Cup. The first edition was held in 2003.

Mauritanian Super Cup
Region Mauritania
Current championsFC Nouadhibou (2018)
Most successful club(s)FC Tevragh-Zeina
FC Nouadhibou (3 titles)


Year Winners Score Runners-up Venue
2003 ASC Nasr 2 – 1 ASC Entente Stade Olympique, Nouakchott
2010 FC Tevragh-Zeina 3 – 1 CF Cansado Stade Olympique, Nouakchott
2011 FC Nouadhibou 2 – 0 ASC Tevragh-Zeïne Stade Olympique, Nouakchott
2012 ASAC Concorde 2 – 1 ASC Tevragh-Zeïne Stade Olympique, Nouakchott
2013 FC Nouadhibou 2 – 0 ASC Nasr Zem Zem Stade Olympique, Nouakchott
2014 ACS Ksar 1 – 0 FC Nouadhibou Stade Olympique, Nouakchott
2015 FC Tevragh-Zeina 1 – 1
5–4 (p)
ACS Ksar Stade Municipal, Nouadhibou
2016 FC Tevragh-Zeina 6 – 0 ASAC Concorde Stade Olympique, Nouakchott
2017 ASAC Concorde 2 – 2
4–3 (p)
FC Nouadhibou Stade Municipal, Kaédi
2018 FC Nouadhibou 4 – 2 ASAC Concorde [1]

2015 Super Cup controversy

In November 2015, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, President of Mauritania, reportedly ordered the 2015 Mauritanian Super Cup to go to a penalty shootout in the 63rd minute with the score tied 1–1 because he was getting bored with the match.[2][3] The Mauritania Football Federation has denied claims of the president's involvement, instead saying the decision was made due to "organisational issues", in accordance with the presidents and coaches of both teams.[4]

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