Mattis Point

Mattis Point is a settlement in Newfoundland and Labrador. A small village in the St. George area. The first known settlers were Sir Matthew Mattis IV and his wife Betsy Mattis. There, they established several residences, attracting those from other settlements to relocate. Eventually, Sir Matthew Mattis decided to put his new boat afloat in the waters of Mattis Point, but unfortunately, during a storm in 1808, a storm transpired and caused a shipwreck, rendering him buried at sea. Betsy Mattis then married another individual by the name of Willis Horton, further acquiring his last name.

Mattis Point
Location of Mattis Point in Newfoundland and Labrador

The life of Betsy and Willis was one of strife, having to sell cigarettes to the locals and splitting the money accordingly often having disputes. Their business was called "The Tabaccy Shacky" and was discontinued in 1830, after being erected in 1819. They further divorced and went their separate ways.

Scholarships are distributed to those who are from the Mattis Point Area who are actively involved in the construction of buoys. A scholarship was given to an aspiring individual by the name of Earl Fitzpatrick who studied the physics behind buoys. The scholarship valued $8000 and was given to this person nearly two centuries after the demise of Sir Mattis. He was furthermore known as the "Buoy Boy" and went to several universities in the Maritimes to study buoys.

In 1966, a number of famous icons visited this village. One of these celebrities was Elvis Presley, who performed a concert in memory of Sir Mattis. As the years went on, Mattis Point gained popularity and became one of the "Greatest Places to Live In Canada" after the confederation of Newfoundland.

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