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Matthias Media is an Australian evangelical Christian publisher. The business grew out of the ministry of Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne at St Matthias, Centennial Park, Sydney under the name St Matthias Press and Tapes. Many resources now published by Matthias Media were developed as part of the ministry of Campus Bible Study at the University of New South Wales. Since then the company has grown under the banner "Resources for growing Christians" and is now incorporated as a non-profit company under the name Matthias Media. Distribution in the UK is through an independent partner organisation and in recent years a US office has been opened (Matthias Media (USA)).

Matthias Media
FounderPhillip Jensen
Country of originAustralia
Headquarters locationSydney, New South Wales
Publication typesMagazines, books, tracts, audiobooks
Nonfiction topicsChristianity

Beginning with The Briefing (a (now) monthly news and resource magazine for evangelical Christians), Two Ways to Live (an evangelistic tract developed by Phillip Jensen), and the pre-existing St Matthias sermon tape ministry, the company now publishes a range of bible studies, training courses, devotional guides, book and sermon CDs. Two Ways to Live and its sister publication Just for Starters were the official training resources for the Australian arms of the 1995 Billy Graham Global Mission.

Australian Christian Book of the Year Awards

  • 2005 2nd Prize: Beyond Greed by Brian Rosner (ISBN 1-87-632676-X)
  • 2004 Winner: Stirrings of the Soul by Michael Raiter (ISBN 1-87-632662-X)
  • 2004 Highly Commended: Going the Distance: How to Stay Fit for A Lifetime of Ministry by Peter Brain (ISBN 1-87-632673-5)
  • 2003 Winner: Islam in our Backyard by Tony Payne (ISBN 1-87-632648-4)
  • 2002 Winner: What Some of You Were Edited by Christopher Keane (ISBN 1-87-632641-7)
  • 2002 Certificate of Commendation: If I were God, I'd End All the Pain by John Dickson (ISBN 1-87-632637-9)
  • 2001 Highly Commended: The Essence of Feminism by Kirsten Birkett (ISBN 1-87-632625-5)
  • 2000 Joint Winner: Simply Christianity: Beyond Religion by John Dickson (ISBN 1-90-488923-9)
  • 1998 Highly Commended: Unnatural Enemies by Kirsten Birkett (ISBN 1-87-632601-8)

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