Matt Koff

Matt Koff is an American comedian and an Emmy-winning writer[1] for the news satire program The Daily Show. He was previously a contributing writer for The Onion News Network and appeared onscreen in the History channel series I Love the 1880s. He has appeared as a guest on podcasts including Pod Awful,[2] The Flop House[3] and Baby Geniuses.[4]

Matt Koff
Koff performing in New York City, July 2016.

Koff was a co-writer and co-star (along with Daily Show writer Dan McCoy) of the animated webseries 9 AM Meeting,[5] which won an MTV development deal at the 2010 New York Television Festival.[6] In 2011, Koff was given the "Joke of the Year" award by Time Out New York[7] based on a reader poll.


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