Matt Farnsworth

Matt Farnsworth (born August 16, 1978) is an American filmmaker and non-competitive bodybuilder. He is the creator of the slasher film The Orphan Killer. Farnsworth also appeared on national television shows 7th Heaven, Any Day Now, and JAG. Farnsworth has a background in film editing previously working with Robert Brown. In a 2012 interview[1] with Starburst magazine, Farnsworth stated that Brown taught him about film editing while working on Farnsworth's film IOWA. Farnsworth film style has been compared to that of David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino.[2][3]

Early life

Born in Chicago. In his youth he lived in many different US states before settling in Seattle, WA. After attending Seattle Pacific University he moved to Los Angeles.


Farnsworth has directed and produced 5 films.


His first feature film was IOWA.[4] Farnsworth starred in the film and it appeared at Tribeca film festival.[5] The film also won the "Best Picture" award at the Midwest independent film festival. The film went on to be released in theaters and was sold worldwide. IOWA stars Diane Foster, Rossana Arquette, John Savage, and Michael T. Weiss. IOWA premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 22, 2005.[6] The film received some negative reviews. Rotten Tomatoes reports 15% of surveyed critics liked it, with a 3.9/10 rating average out of 13 reviews.[7] Metacritic gave it a score of 35/100, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews".[8] 'Monsters and Critics said "This story and the characters in it are as real as the day is long and faithful to all that is good and bad about growing up with ever shrinking horizons.",[9]Slant Magazine called the film "stupendously slipshod" and "meandering, amateurish sleaze",[10] while The New York Times criticized the lack of subtlety.[11] In a more positive review, The Village Voice praised the film's energy and acting.[12]

Dying for Meth

He has also produced and directed a documentary film called Dying For Meth. The film takes an in depth look into the meth pandemic that swept over the Midwestern United States in the late 1990s. The 43 minute film was nominated as in the best community service effort alongside major networks such as CBS and NBC at the Beverly Hills Based Prism Awards.[13] Dying for Meth has also been featured on Current TV. In 2008 Farnsworth was deputized along with Shaquille O'Neal by the Police Athletics league for his work in Meth prevention and awareness.

The Orphan Killer

The Orphan Killer became a social media icon and the character is now considered by many slasher fans as the new icon of the 21st century.[14] The film has gone on to merchandise itself and the mask The Orphan Killer wears in the film is a coveted item amongst horror fans worldwide.[15] He is considered a pioneer filmmaker and marketer. Many young filmmakers now follow Farnsworth's social media marketing models. Farnsworth was awarded the "Antonio Margheriti" award in Italy for his work on The Orphan Killer.[16] The film also took the "Best Picture" award at Terror Molins De Rei Film Festival[17] in Spain as well as being honored in the Brigadoon section of the Sitges Film Festival.[18] The premiere of The Orphan Killer movie at the San Sebastian Horror and Sci-Fi film Festival in San Sebastian, Spain grabbed major media attention as The Orphan Killer movie was featured on the front page of the major newspapers[19][20] in Spain. The film has grown to such a large status that the German Film board banned the film,[21] making it even more popular to horror fans. The Orphan Killer movie has also been played by Rob Zombie onstage during his Twins of Evil Tour with Marilyn Manson. In a recent interview with Horror Society,[22] he stated he intends to continue on creating more films in The Orphan Killer franchise.


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