Matsushima (松島) is a group of islands in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. There are some 260 tiny islands (shima) covered in pines (matsu) – hence the name – and is ranked as one of the Three Views of Japan.

Nearby cultural properties include Zuigan-ji, Entsū-in, Kanrantei, and the Satohama shell mound.


Four views of Matsushima

There are four well-known spots to view the Matsushima, known as the Magnificent View (壮観, sōkan), Beautiful View (麗観, reikan), Enchanting View (幽観, yūkan), and Grand View (偉観, ikan).


Tourists can view the islands from up close on cruise boats.


The town is only a short distance (thirty minutes, about 14 km) from prefectural capital Sendai and is easily accessible by train. Matsushima-Kaigan Station is near the attractions such as Zuiganji and the waterfront. Matsushima Station, on a separate line is on the opposite side of the town.

2011 Tōhoku earthquake

Despite the proximity of Matsushima to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the area was protected by the islands and suffered relatively little damage.[2][3] The initial tsunami was 3.2 metres (10.5 feet) with the second 3.8 metres (12.5 feet). Electricity was restored by March 18, water fully restored by April 16th and the Senseki Train Line between Takagimachi Station and Sendai by May 28. Nevertheless, three people were confirmed killed in Matsushima (including by aftershocks) with 18 killed while out of town.[4]


Around the island travelers can go on a cruise and view the islands up close an around the Matsushima shore travelers can rent bikes. [5]

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