Matrix or MATRIX may refer to:

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  • Matrix (novel), a 1998 Doctor Who novel by Robert Perry and Mike Tucker
  • Matrix (comics), a DC Comics character
  • Matrix (Neuromancer), a virtual-reality dataspace in the 1984 science-fiction novel Neuromancer and subsequent roleplaying game Shadowrun
  • Matrix of Leadership, a fictional artifact in the Transformers robot superhero franchise.
  • The Matrix (magazine), a Magazine for Women Journalists published by Association for Women in Communications
  • The Matrix, a novel by Denis MacEoin under the pen-name Jonathan Aycliffe




  • David Krejčí (born 1986), Czech-born pro ice hockey player nicknamed "The Matrix"
  • Shawn Marion (born 1978), American basketball player nicknamed "The Matrix"
  • Marco Materazzi (born 1973), Italian footballer nicknamed "Matrix"




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  • Clave matrix, a complex rhythmic pattern originally from African music
  • Oberheim Matrix synthesizers, an historic product line of analog synthesizers featuring a method of programming called Matrix Modulation
  • 'Matrix Mandala', a mandala used by the Shingon school of Buddhism, see Womb Realm
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