Mastercraft (tool brand)

Mastercraft (stylized MasterCraft) is the Canadian Tire exclusive hardware line of products. It is broken down into two lines: Mastercraft, which is the household series, and Mastercraft Maximum (formerly the Mastercraft Professional Series), which is the new professional series. Warranties on lifetime guarantee products such as screwdrivers, socket sets, etc., are often honored without proof of purchase. Warranties with time limits such as those for power tools from Mastercraft or Mastercraft Maximum (often 3 and 5 years respectively) will only be honored with a proof of purchase.

The items that are carried are classified in six categories, Stationary Power Tools, Handheld Power Tools, Hand Tools, Air Tools, Tool/Garage Storage, and Other Hardware accessories. MasterCraft Maximum is a fairly new brand of tool released by Mastercraft in 2016.

Stationary power tools

These include: table saws, bench grinders, table or spindle sanders, drill presses, arc welders, etc.

Handheld power tools

These Include: 12V, 14.4V, 18v and 20V cordless drills, 5A and 8A hammer drills, cordless 3K0 impact gun, reciprocating saws, circular saws, spin saws, rotary saws, angle grinders, electric stapler/nailers, cordless screwdrivers, chainsaws,sanders etc. The latest additions to the portfolio are powered by 10.8V and 12V Lithium-Ion batteries.

Hand tools

These include: tape measures, sockets, ratchets, wrenches, squeeze tools (pliers, visegrips), screwdrivers, hammers, prybars, axes, handsaws, chisels, staple guns, hand sanders, gear wrenches, levels, chalk line, etc.

In general, all hand tools are warrantied for their entire lifetime. For example, if one breaks (under normal use) a socket or torque wrench fails, Canadian Tire will replace it. There are some exceptions to the warranty. For instance, when it comes to tape measures only the shell is warranted and not the tape itself.

Air tools

These include: compressors, brad nailers, air ratchets, die grinders, paint sprayers, etc.

Tool and garage storage

This includes tool chests, boxes, bags, belts, and a roof mounted storage system that utilizes unused space in the garage.

Other hardware

This includes: glues, silicones, sandpaper, drill bits, and all other power tool accessories.

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