Massimo Giuliani

Massimo Giuliani (born February 5, 1951) is an Italian actor and voice actor.[1]

Massimo Giuliani
Born (1951-02-05) February 5, 1951
Rome, Italy
OccupationActor, voice actor, dialogue writer, dubbing director, impressionist
Years active1955-present
Spouse(s)Tiziana Lattuca (m. ?)
ChildrenDaniele Giuliani
RelativesClaudia Catani (niece)


Born in Rome, Giuliani began his career debut at four years of age. Giuliani had an intensifying experience as a child actor throughout the 1950s and 1960s on cinema and television. His first film appearance was in the 1956 film Supreme Confession and he also voiced Arthur in the Italian-Language dub of the 1963 animated film The Sword in the Stone. This marked Giuliani's first dubbing contribution. He still continues acting as an adult.[2]

As a voice actor, Giuliani is well known for providing the Italian voice of Fozzie Bear in The Muppets as well as Buck from the Ice Age film series and from 1995, he was the main Italian voice of Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes until he passed on the role to Davide Garbolino in 2006. Giuliani has also dubbed Mel Gibson, Dudley Moore, John Belushi, Billy Crystal, John Candy, Andy García and Warwick Davis in some of their projects.[3]

Giuliani is also an avid football fan. In the 1960s, he participated in a football youth squad but he left after four months due to his obligations as a child actor. In the early 2000s, he sparked controversy for impersonating footballer Francesco Totti on the show Convenscion.[4] He has also made appearances at La Partita del cuore.

Personal life

Giuliani is married to dubbing director Tiziana Lattuca. He is also the father of voice actor Daniele Giuliani and the uncle of voice actress Claudia Catani.




Dubbing roles


Live action


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