Massacre at Marble City

Massacre at Marble City (German: Die Goldsucher von Arkansas, French: Les chercheurs d'or de l'Arkansas, Italian: Alla conquista dell'Arkansas, released in U.K. as Conquerors of Arkansas) is a 1964 German-French-Italian western film directed by Paul Martin and starring Mario Adorf and Brad Harris. It is loosely based on Friedrich Gerstäcker's 1845 novel Die Regulatoren von Arkansas.[1][2] It was shot on location in Yugoslavia.

Massacre at Marble City
Directed byPaul Martin
Produced byWolf C. Hartwig
Written by
Music by
CinematographyJan Stallich
Edited byHerbert Taschner
  • Constantin Film
  • Rapid Film
  • Metheus Film
  • Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie
Distributed byConstantin Film
Release date
20 November 1964
Running time
98 minutes
  • France
  • Italy
  • West Germany




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