Martine Brochard

Martine Brochard (born 1946) is a French actress and writer.

Martine Brochard
Martine Brochard in Radiocorriere magazine, 1970
Born1946 (age 7273)
Years active1968 - present

Life and career

Born in Paris, Brochard debuted in 1968 in a minor role in François Truffaut's Baisers volés. In 1970 she moved to Italy, where she became a minor star in genre films, including poliziotteschi, commedia sexy all'italiana and giallo films.[1] From the mid 70's she regularly appears in Italian TV-series and on stage.[1]

In 1995 and 1999 she released two collection of stories for children, La gallina blu e altri racconti (Mursia, ISBN 88-425-1927-8) and Zaffiretto il vampiretto e altri racconti (Mursia, ISBN 88-425-2496-4).[2]

In 2003 Brochard was diagnosed with leukemia, a disease from which she was able to recover.[3]


Further reading

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