Martin Rackin

Martin Rackin (31 July 1918 15 April 1976) was an American writer and producer who was briefly head of production at Paramount Pictures from 1960-64. In the late 1950s he wrote and produced a series of films with actor Alan Ladd.[1]

Rackin was born in New York City. He worked as an errand boy for a Times Square hat shop. He became a reporter for the New York Daily Mirror and was a feature writer for two news services. He also worked as a speech writer and in publicity.[2]

Rackin wrote a book, Buy Me That Town. Film rights to this were bought by Sol Siegel and Rackin moved to Hollywood. He served in the air force during World War II.

In the 1950s, he was head of film production for NBC.[3]

Richard Fleischer described Rakin as "a real character. He was a fast-talking, breezy, nervous, con man type who blinked his eyes a lot. You always had the feeling that he was some sort of a street corner shell game operator keeping an eye open for the cops."[4]

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