Martin I of Sicily

Martin I of Sicily (c. 1374/1376 – 25 July 1409), called "The Younger", was King of Sicily from 1390 to 1409.

Martin I
King of Sicily
Coronation13 April 1398, Palermo[1]
SuccessorMartin II
Bornc. 1374/1376
Died(1409-07-25)25 July 1409 (age 32–35)
SpouseMaria of Sicily
Blanche of Navarre
IssueInfante Peter
Infante Martin
Frederic, Count of Luna (illegitimate)
Violante, Countess of Niebla (illegitimate)
HouseHouse of Barcelona
FatherMartin of Aragon
MotherMaria de Luna
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Martin's father was the future King Martin I of Aragon, and his grandparents were King Peter IV of Aragon and Eleanor of Sicily. In February, 1392 he married Maria of Sicily, born in 1362/1363. In 1392 he returned with Maria to Sicily with a military force and defeated a group of opposing barons. In 1394 the couple had their only son Peter, crown prince of Sicily, who died in 1400. He ruled Sicily jointly with Maria until her death at Lentini on 25 May 1401. At that time, he repudiated the Treaty of Villeneuve (1372) and ruled Sicily alone. After his death in 1409 in Cagliari, Sardinia, his father, by then king of Aragon, ruled Sicily as Martin II.

After Maria's death Martin I the Younger married at Catania on 21 May 1402 by proxy and on 26 December 1402 in person Blanche of Navarre, who was heiress of the Evreux family and the future queen of Navarre, by whom he had an only son Martin in 1403, who died in Valencia in 1407. No offspring of his two marriages survived childhood; the only issue he left was a bastard son by Sicilian-born Tarsia Rizzari, Fadrique of Aragon, Count of Luna and Ejerica and Lord of Segorbe, born in 1400/1403, whom Martin II tried to make his successor in the Aragonese Empire. But the effort failed, and Fadrique was denied the succession by the Pact of Caspe. Fadrique married Yolande Louise (Violante Luisa) de Mur and died at Urena in 1438 without issue.

He also left a bastard daughter by Sicilian-born Agathe de Pesce, named Violante of Aragon, who died c. 1428 and was married twice: firstly in 1405 as his second wife (some say she was his mistress) to Enrique Pérez de Guzmán, 2nd Count de Niebla (1371–1436), and secondly to his cousin Martín de Guzmán.

Martin the Younger led the troops in the conquest of Sardinia in 1409, decisively defeating the ruler of Arborea at the Battle of Sanluri just before his own death.


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Martin I of Sicily
Cadet branch of the House of Barcelona
Born: circa 1374/1376 Died: 25 July 1409
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Sicily
Succeeded by
Martin II
Spanish nobility
Preceded by
Maria de Luna
Count of Luna,
Lord of Segorbe and Ejerica

Succeeded by
Fadrique de Aragon
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