Martin Casado

Martín Casado is a Spanish-born American computer scientist, entrepreneur, and investor. He is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and was a pioneer of software-defined networking, and a co-founder of Nicira Networks.

Early life and education

Martín Casado was born around 1976 in Cartagena, Spain.[1] He received his bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University in 2000.[2] In 2017, he received an honorary doctorate from the same university.[3] He worked for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory doing computational science[4] followed by work with the intelligence community from 2000 to 2003.[4] Casado attended Stanford University from 2003 to 2007, earning both his Masters and PhD in computer science.[5] While at Stanford, he began development of OpenFlow,[6] an open source protocol that enabled software-defined networking. During this period, he co-founded Illuminics Systems[7] with Michael J. Freedman.[7] Illuminics Systems was acquired by Quova, Inc. in November, 2006.[7] His PhD thesis, "Architectural Support for Security Management in Enterprise Networks,” under advisors Nick McKeown, Scott Shenker and Dan Boneh, was published in 2008.[5]


In 2007, Casado co-founded Nicira Networks along with McKeown and Shenker, a Palo Alto, California based company working on network virtualization. Along with McKeown and Shenker, Casado promoted software-defined networking.[6] His PhD work at Stanford University led to the development of the OpenFlow protocol, which was promoting using the term software-defined networking (SDN). McKeown and Shenker co-founded the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) in 2011 to transfer control of OpenFlow to a not-for-profit organization.[8]

In July 2012, VMware acquired Nicira for $1.26 billion.[9][10] At VMware he was made a fellow and held the positions chief technology officer (CTO) for networking and security and general manager of the Networking and Security Business Unit.[11]

Casado was named one of Business Insider’s 50 most powerful people in enterprise tech in 2012,[12] and was featured in Silicon Valley’s Business Journal’s “Silicon Valley 40 Under 40” in 2013.[1] Casado was a 2012 recipient of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Grace Murray Hopper Award as for helping create the Software Defined Networking movement.[13]

In 2015 Casado, McKeown and Shenker received the NEC C&C Foundation award for SDN and OpenFlow.[14] In 2015, he was selected for Forbes’ “Next Gen Innovators 2014.” [15] Casado left VMware and joined venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz in February 2016 as its ninth general partner.[16][17][18] Andreessen Horowitz had been one of the investors Nicira, contributing $17.7 million to the start-up venture.[10]


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