Marrithiyel language

Marrithiyel (Marithiel, Maridhiel, Maridhiyel), also known as Berringen (Bringen, Brinken) is an Australian Aboriginal language spoken by the Marrithiyal people.

Native toAustralia
RegionDaly River
EthnicityMarrithiyal people, Marimanindji, Maridan, Mariamo, Maridjabin, Marijedi
Native speakers
15 (2016 census)[1]
Western Daly
  • Marrithiyel
  • Marri Ammu
  • Marritjevin
  • Marridan
  • Marramanindjdji
  • Marrithiyel
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
mfr  Marrithiyel
xru  Marriammu
zmj  Maridjabin
zmd  Maridan
zmm  Marimanindji
zmy  Mariyedi

Dialects besides Marrithiyel proper are Nganygit, Marriammu (Mare-Ammu), Maridjabin (Maredyerbin, Maretyabin, Maridyerbin, Maritjabin), Marridan (Meradan), Marramanindjdji (Marramaninydyi, Marimanindji), and Mariyedi.[3]


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