The Marranunggu are an indigenous Australian people, and language group,[1] of the Northern Territory.


Marranunggu is classified as one of the dialects of the Marranji group of the Western Daly languages, together with Menhthe and Emmi.[2]


The Marranunggu's traditional lands were south of the Daly River[3][4]

According to Norman Tindale's calculations, the Marinunggo had roughly 250 square miles (650 km2) of tribal territory around the area of the Dilke Range and running in a northeasterly direction towards the swamplands of the Daly River.[5]

Alternative names

  • Marranunga.
  • Maranunggo.
  • Marranunngo[6]
  • Maranunga.
  • Maranungo.[5]



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