Mark Snow

Mark Snow (born Martin Fulterman; August 26, 1946) is an American composer for film and television.[1][2] Among his most famous compositions is the theme music for science fiction television series The X-Files. The theme reached no. 2 on the UK Singles Chart. Snow also wrote the music for another Chris Carter series, Millennium, and the background music scores for both shows, a total of 12 seasons.

Mark Snow
Martin Fulterman

(1946-08-26) August 26, 1946
New York City, New York, United States
Spouse(s)Glynn Daly 5 July 1980-present (3 children)

He is married to Glynn Daly, sister of actors Tim Daly and Tyne Daly.[3]

Early life and education

Born in New York City on August 26, 1946, Snow grew up in Brooklyn, graduating from the High School of Music and Art (1964) and, afterwards, the Juilliard School of Music. He was a co-founder of the New York Rock & Roll Ensemble.

He is commonly known for his work in X-Files and Smallville. Both very successful franchises.


TV series themes

TV series

Theatrical films


  1. According to the "Behind the Truth" segment on the X-Files Season 1 DVD, Mark Snow created the echo effect on "The X-Files" theme song by accident. Snow said that he had gone through several revisions, but X-Files creator/writer/director Chris Carter felt that something was not quite right. Carter walked out of the room and Snow put his hand and forearm on his keyboard in frustration. Snow said, "this sound was in the keyboard. And that was it."


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