Maritime Search and Rescue (Mexico)

The Mexican Maritime Search and Rescue is the Mexican Navy's SAR unit. It is responsible for improving the quality and effectiveness of the Navy's response to Mexico's maritime emergencies. The Mexican Navy historically has been responsible for the search and rescue operations using its available resources. However, aware of the importance of safeguarding human life at sea and the growing demand of sea rescue, the High Command of the Navy established a separate, specialist arm for the task.[1]

Maritime Search and Rescue
Búsqueda y Rescate Marítimo
Uniform and boat logo
Country Mexico
Branch Mexican Navy
RoleMaritime search and rescue
ColorsRed, orange, and white
Racing stripe

Organization and operations

The Mexican Search and Rescue primary missions are SAR operations within 50 miles of the Mexican coast line, to accomplish search and rescue operations in a timely manner, It utilizes 5 current active Naval Stations.[2] There are two types of Search and Rescue Naval Stations (Estaciones Navales de Búsqueda y Rescate, ENSAR). Type A (Alfa) Naval Stations are equipped with one 47-Foot Motor Lifeboat and two 33-foot Defender-class boats. Type B (Bravo) are equipped with 33-foot Defender-class boats. The first Naval Station to be active was opened on April 6, 2007 in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. In total the Maritime SAR unit goal is 19 ENSAR stations—six Type As, and 13 Type Bs.[3]

Active ENSAR stations


Maritime SAR inventory
Vehicle/system Note Origin
SAR Ships
47-foot Motor LifeboatEquipped with two Detroit Diesel engines United States
33-foot Defender-class United States
MD Helicopters MD Explorer United States


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