Marin County Department of Parks and Open Space

The Marin County Department of Parks and Open Space, consisting of the Marin County Parks and Landscape Division and the Marin County Open Space District, is a parks governing body in Marin County, California overseen by the Marin County Board of Supervisors.[1] The current director and general manager is Max Korten.[2]


Open space

  • Alto Bowl
  • Bald Hill
  • Baltimore Canyon
  • Blithedale Summit
  • Bolinas Lagoon
  • Bothin Marsh
  • Camino Alto
  • Cascade Canyon
  • Deer Island
  • French Ranch
  • Gary Giacomini
  • Horse Hill
  • Ignacio Valley
  • Indian Tree
  • Indian Valley
  • King Mountain
  • Little Mountain
  • Loma Alta
  • Loma Verde
  • Lucas Valley
  • Maurice Thorner Memorial
  • Mount Burdell
  • Old Saint Hilary's
  • Pacheco Valle
  • Ring Mountain
  • Roy's Redwoods
  • Rush Creek
  • San Pedro Mountain
  • Santa Margarita Island
  • Santa Venetia Marsh
  • Terra Linda / Sleepy Hollow
  • Tiburon Ridge
  • Verissimo Hills
  • White Hill


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