Marie Du Toit

Marie Du Toit (or Marié Du Toit) is a South African film actress.[1]

Marie Du Toit
Years active1962–1977


She appeared in eight films between 1962 and 1977.[2]


Year Title Genre Role Notes
1962 Voor Sononder western Martie
1967 Wild Season drama Martie Maritz
1968 Die Kandidaat drama Paula Neethling
1971 The Manipulator (also known as African Story) Harriet Tiller
1972 The Big Game (also known as Control Factor) action, science-fiction drama Lucie Handley
1973 My Way (also known as The Winners) family-drama Fran Maddox
1974 Ongewenste Vreemdeling romance-drama Eleen
1977 My Way II family


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