Marian Ainslee

Marian Ainslee (1896 – 1966) was an American screenwriter and researcher[1] active during Hollywood's silent era. She often co-wrote titles in silent films with Ruth Cummings.

Marian Ainslee
BornJanuary 5, 1896
DiedApril 2, 1966 (aged 70)
Spouse(s)Albert Coonley


Marian Ainslee was born in Marceline, Missouri, on January 5, 1896. Her first job out of school was as a newspaper reporter in Jefferson City, Missouri, where she interviewed politicians. Discouraged by salaries she encountered in journalism, she decided to move to Hollywood and give screenwriting a try.[2]

After getting her start as a script clerk,[3] Ainslee became one of MGM's top title writers during the 1920s and early 1930s, linked closely to Irving Thalburg.[4] When Thalburg died, she briefly retired from screenwriting; in 1938, she signed with RKO and wrote Carefree. According to one estimation, she titled as many as 200 films during her time in the business.[5] She was married to Albert Coonley, a newspaper artist; they appear to have been divorced by the time of his death in 1941.[6]

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