Maria Mauban

Maria Mauban (10 May 1924 – 26 August 2014) was a French actress. She appeared in around fifty films and television series during her career. in 1950 she starred in the British Egyptian-set crime film Cairo Road. The same year she appeared in the Ealing Studios film Cage of Gold. In 1954 she appeared in Roberto Rossellini's Journey to Italy.

Maria Mauban
Born10 May 1924
Died26 August 2014 (aged 90)
Montcresson, France
Other namesMarcelle Michelle
Years active1946 - 1989 (film)

She was married to the industrialist Jean Versini and then to the actor Claude Dauphin. They had a child, the actor Jean-Claude Dauphin. She died on 26 August 2014.[1]

Selected filmography


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