Maria Magdalena Keverich

Maria Magdalena Keverich (19 December 1746 – 17 July 1787[1]) was the mother of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven.


She was born in 1746 in Ehrenbreitstein, a village on the river Rhine opposite Koblenz, Germany (now a district of Koblenz). Her parents were Johann Heinrich Keverich (1701–1759) and Anna Klara (Clara) Westorff (1707–1768), who were married in 1731. From 1733 Johann was head cook at the court of the Electorate of Trier, which was in Ehrenbreitstein.[2][3]

The youngest of their six children was Maria Magdalena. On 30 January 1763 she married Johann Georg Leym, who was in the service of the Archbishop of Trier; he died in 1765.[2][3]

She married Johann van Beethoven at the Church of St Remigius, Bonn on 12 November 1767. Johann's father was Kapellmeister at the court of the Electorate of Cologne, which was in Bonn, and Johann was a court musician there. Johann and Maria van Beethoven had seven children: the future composer Ludwig was the second, born in 1770.[3][4]

Maria died in Bonn in 1787 of tuberculosis, aged 40.[2][4]


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